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At The End Of The Tunnel

Your world was safe and secure. You were bathed in a warm liquid, well cushioned from any shock. You did not have to do anything. Everything was done for you. You were fed daily at all times. Directly connected to the fresh supplies, you had automatic access whenever you wished. Though in darkness, you felt completely loved and satisfied. A murmuring heartbeat assured you that someone, larger than yourself, fulfilled all your needs.

Your life consisted of simple waiting. You were not sure of what you were waiting for. Any change seemed far away and scary. You met no pain and no threatening adventures. A fine and easy existence.

Then your day arrived. You felt an unexpected tug. The walls around you were falling in on you. Those soft cushions were now pulsing and beating against you. Your world was crushing down. Your body was bent twice. Your limbs were twisted and wrenched. You were falling upside down. For the first time in your life, you felt pain.

You were in a sea of rolling matter. An increasing pressure was exerted upon you. Almost too intense for anyone to bear. Your head was squeezed flat. You were pushed harder and harder into a dark and narrow tunnel. O what pain! You heard some noises as the pressure reached its climax. Your body were hurting all over.

In the background of all the commotion, you heard a familiar groaning sound. An awful fear suddenly rushed over you. It was happening! Your whole world had collapsed. You were sure that this was the end. Your eyes began to open for the first time! You saw a piercing and blinding light. Two cold and rough hands were pulling you out of the tunnel. Then one of the hands gave you a painful slap. Waaaahhh! You cried for the first time!

Congratulations! You had just been born! Welcome to the human world.