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Some friends asked me what inspire me to write. I have been writing since 1990. Many prophets in the Bible are writers themselves, besides proclaiming the message of God vocally to the peoples.

Sometimes the pen is sharper than the mouth as the written words are graven in ink that cannot be easily erased or forgotten.

I started writing about an article a week about 10 years ago and posted them in a website. My heart is inclined to write as the Lord prompts me through times of reading and studying the Bible, worship, prayer, interaction with Christians and pre-believers, and watching world news.  

Thanks to God for His amazing grace, and also friends for their encouraging emails and words of exhortation, there are now people from about 50 nations visiting my website on a monthly basis.

From time to time, I write and rewrite short studies based on my findings and understanding of the Bible, and also through searching and researching the works of other godly men. Many are journals in my journey with God.

These thoughts are by no means the authoritative or the last word on any subject. Though I strive for truth, I will endeavor to correct any mistake when they are communicated to me.

As the journey of learning is continual, I have chosen to publish whatever I have on hand for your current perusal.

As these are my working files, there will be editions and further editions. Hopefully in this way of sharing, we can be edified in our relationship and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Not everything published herein are all original or personal revelations from God. Some of them are taken from other sources or writers. I have edited them, and added my own thoughts and findings. The names of the writers and their references will be made known to you so that you can do further studies on those subjects that interest you.

Any changes, modifications, additions or deletions of articles or website materials would be made without any prior notice given.

I have come to appreciate simplicity and clarity in this world full of razzle dazzle. Thus I write simply so that others can simply read. This website design is kept plain for easy surfing.

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Joshua Ong