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Passover Revisited

"These are the feasts of the LORD,
holy convocations which you shall proclaim at their appointed times."
Leviticus 23:4

God have instituted His feasts at their appointed times to meet with mankind. He divinely planned and appointed times each year so that all of His children could celebrate and proclaim His goodness and love to the nations. So desirous that we would celebrate His feasts with great joy and purpose, God commanded Moses to write down all the instructions on how to observe His feasts at their appointed times in Leviticus 23.

Each of His feasts had a special purpose in telling the story of His love and deeds for His people. In celebrating the feasts of the LORD at their appointed times, the people of God would learn more about Him, and get closer to Him. These feasts of the LORD not only tell the glorious stories of the things that God had done for His people in the past, but they also foreshadow of more finer things that He was planning to do for us in the future. This is the kingdom of God. And things have to be done in His kingdom ways. He is the King, not us.

However, there were other kingdoms nearby that did not worship God. They worshipped idols and statues, animals, trees, the sun and the moon. These pagan people also practised and celebrated several annual feasts. Copycats. They worshipped the created instead of the Creator. Each of these pagan celebrations had a different theme, purpose and timing.

Somewhere in time, there was contamination not only in the blood through mixed marriages between the people of God and the pagan people, but also in the celebrations of the feasts of the LORD. People begun to replace the feasts of the LORD with the other pagan celebrations.

God's appointed times were changed to coincide and blend with these unholy times of the pagan feasts. As time passed, most people forgot about the feasts of the LORD, and missed their appointments with God!

But God is perfectly patient. In His perfect timing, He restored His feasts to His people again! Praise the LORD!

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Written On:

21 March 2005