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Why The Christians Lost Their Hebraic Roots?

In brief, this all came about through a man called Constantine, who is identified as the first Pope. His father was a Roman Emperor, and upon his death, Constantine took his army and marched against Rome.

Constantine was a worshipper of Baal the sun god, and had the support of the pagans. But he also needed the support of the Christians in order to have the victory he desired.

A sign in the form of a cross was shown to Constantine. He eventually put it on the shield of his army. But this was not the symbol of the cross of Jesus that represents the crucifixion of the Messiah. It was the cross of Ankh, the symbol of the sun god. He gained the support of the Christians then, and gained control of the throne.

He professed to be a Christian, and began to sprinkle his soldiers with water making them instant Christians. No repentance was required thereby, yes, not even a confession of faith in Jesus as Messiah.

Constantine changed all the Biblical Feast days and took out anything that was Jewish. He made himself the head of the Church, but he remained a pagan sun worshipper until he died. He was never born again and yet he changed the whole face of Christianity.

Since the end of first century AD, the Christian church had divorced itself from its ties with Biblical Judaism causing many scriptures to be wrongly interpreted. While many people are familiar with the Greek interpretation of the scriptures, few have come to know about their true spiritual roots and Hebraic heritage.