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The Evolution Hypothesis

Till today, the Evolution hypothesis is still not a proven theory because it violates the basic laws of science such as:

  • 1st Law of Thermodynamics

  • 2nd Law of Thermodynamics

  • Law of Cause and Effect

  • Law of Biogenesis

Evolution makes this one faulty assumption that things in disorder become more orderly through time. This is not true. As a matter of fact, when things are left to themselves, they will degenerate instead of becoming better. All things will age and decay instead of getting younger and more superior. Things at random will become more random. Thus, an uncivilized monkey cannot become a civilized man, but a man can become a monkey if he begins to think that he descends from the apes.

But why is it that most people still believe in it? What is really at stake in this Creationism-Evolution debate?

Creationism and Evolution are two opposing worldviews. Creationism reveals that the Creator God created the universe and everything in it. But Evolution teaches that everything evolved randomly and spontaneously without any divine intervention. This was mathematically impossible because the probability of this random spontaneous happening of haphazard colliding things coming together and joined as an wonderfully amazing universe upon the Big Bang is absolutely zero. If every watch has a designer and a maker, this beautiful world we have too has a Designer and Maker!

Creationism and Evolution cannot be tested experimentally in the laboratory unless we have a time machine to go back and see what really happened then. Thus, these two belief systems will remain as ideologies and worldviews.

Creationism is a theistic belief system based on the Word of God. But Evolution is an atheistic and materialistic ideology invented by some fallible men. It denies the existence of the Creator God, and thus discrediting His Holy Word. Contrary to what we are led to believe, advanced science and new discoveries are now supporting the theistic system of Creationism, and not the atheistic Evolution.

Our Christian faith is not against true science. Our faith is not based on nothing. Our faith is firmly based on the Word of God! The Word of God has laws. Our God is not a God of randomness. He established laws and principles. That's why we have a 24 hour day and night cycle, not a microsecond less. A day has 24 hours, an hour has 60 minutes and a minute has 60 seconds. Nothing is not designed, and nothing is at random. Everything has a time and a season. Winter, spring, summer and autumn in continual and consecutive order. Everything is functioned with laws and principles governing them. Nothing is by chance. Everything is designed by the Creator, and can be formulated into formulas, principles and laws of physics, chemistry, electricity, biology, science, etc. There are constants such as the gravitational acceleration and etc. They do not change from time to time. They remain constant from Genesis One. Creation is in order, whereas Evolution is in random disorder.

At the first glance, this Creation and Evolution issue may not seem very important. But if we trace back on the last 150 years after Darwin published his hypothesis, we cannot deny that Evolution had played a destructive role in weakening and destroying mankind. This evil ideology alienates men from God, demoralizes and brutalizes entire societies.

The philosophy of Evolution teaches:

  • There is no God.

  • All is the result of chance randomness.

  • Death and struggle are the order of the day.

  • Man was and is and will be an animal.

  • There is no basis for right and wrong.

Without any respect to the Creator God, the Evolutionists did what was right in their own eyes. When there is no absolute authority, people can do whatever is convenient to them. There are no holy commandments to follow and obey. There are no rules against lawlessness, perverse sexual behaviours, abortion, homosexuality, immorality, wrongdoings etc. After all, Evolution tells us that we are all animals. Life thus loses its meaning, and human beings lose their godly worth and values.

Evolution should make their believers to become completely atheists, having no gods to worship. But that was not the case. In fact, evolution leads on to a new religion. Nobody can be an atheist for too long as all human beings are spiritual, and have a spiritual need. To be godless and ungodly is not cool. With Evolution came the unverified sightings of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects). These are still unidentified and unverified. Since there are UFOs, there must be super powerful forces out there. Aliens.

These Evolutionists began to call these aliens "gods." If the gods are aliens and forces, then all gods are the same and all religions are the same. So the people can believe in all the gods and experience their forces. That's why we coined this phrase, "May the force be with you." Some famous celebrities even claimed that they were aliens and gods. This is the new religion - the New Age Religion. This new religion is an old religion in disguise. It is called paganism. As long as there are fallen angels or demons, there are forces out there.

When some vulnerable Christians began to lose the faith of their forefathers, they then believed that they were monkeys before, and started to do monkey business. To step from Christianity into paganism directly is forbidden. But to put doubts into the Christian faith so that people would become doubtful, and then add some scientific arguments into it, people step right into paganism. Evolution is the stepping-stone into paganism.

The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.
I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.
John 10:10

There are true Christian scientists as well as non-Christian scientists. There is a difference between them. Why do the people of the world support the Evolution hypothesis? Because there is a lot of money involved, and also there is a secret agenda to that - the New World Order. Many nations of the world are moving together towards that. Ultimately, it is the worship of a god named Satan instead of God!

The schools in many nations are now teaching witchcrafts, sorcery, black magic etc. That's why Harry Potter books and such are so popular. The children are now not interested in Evolution and dinosaurs as it was already a thing of the past. Evolution had already done its job, and accomplished its task. The children move on to new stuff. So what's next?

There was a Washington Post news report on Thursday, October 20, 2005 about the murder of a lawyer's wife by a teenager who himself claimed to be carrying and reading the book of Satan.

When the lie of Evolution had been firmly established in the hearts of men and their children, the gates of hell are widely open.

But thanks be to God, the gates of heaven are even more widely open! There are more scientific proofs and evidence for Creation than for Evolution!

Written on:
26 October 2005