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Days Of Emails

Once upon a time, there were no emails but proper mails such as letters, cards, postcards and telegrams. They were not called snail mails in their prime days. Life was simpler and slower but more fulfilling then. There was enough time to write and rewrite pages straight from our hearts. There was enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee, to watch the flowers blooming, to hear the birds singing, to catch fishes and to chase butterflies. There was enough time to wait upon the Lord, and to renew our strength.

Suddenly, our life outlook took on an express transformation. The Microsoft Internet Explorer and Outlook Express Email Programs intruded and invaded into our living spaces! There was no turning back! Millions are now addicted to emails and the internet!

Sending and receiving emails are necessary for communication and doing business in the 21st century. But multitudes are doing far beyond that. They are obsessively and hopelessly checking for new messages and reviewing their inboxes several hundred times a day. They have many email accounts, one for this purpose and another for that purpose. Each day of their lives begin and end with their inboxes and outboxes.

Below are some genuine syndromes of chronic email addicts:

  • Checking and answering emails before brushing their teeth in the morning

  • Checking and answering emails after brushing their teeth in the night

  • Checking and answering emails in between their sleeping hours

  • Having no time for a proper breakfast after spending hours on emails

  • Having no time for a proper meal to maintain ultimate connectivity

  • Unable to do other things without swapping back to checking emails every now and then

  • Checking and rechecking for emails all the way throughout the day, and in some extreme cases, almost every minute of the day

Faster and better speed is a major driving factor in our lives today. We move faster. We travel faster. We talk faster. We eat faster. We want others to be faster and to respond faster. We are like passengers aboard this speeding train. Within it, there are many people bearing various kinds of pains and shames. Some give, some receive, some take, some trash, some never reply, some never write, some just forward others' emails, some love to send junk mails, and some love to read chain emails. Our lives have become so tightly wound as we race at the speed of sight and sound. There are many weary souls seeking for a moment of relief, all crying for love! Why do we check emails so often? Because we want to be loved! We want to feel important. We want people to remember us!

But thank God that proper mails are still alive! I received an excellent present on this year's Valentine's Day! A postcard! It took almost seven days to travel from Japan to Singapore. From a 14 year-old teenager who almost wanted to commit suicide last month because of school and family pressures. Two good news from this simple postcard. He is alive, and he is feeling better now! He is among the billions calling and crying out desperately for love in our world that has gone crazy for speed, status, sex, satisfaction, sight and sound! I received his postcard because I had sent two postcards much earlier, written in the Japanese language, to encourage him.

We must be the first ones to admit that we too are crying out for love! And we are not alone in doing so. The Lover of our souls is Jesus! Every day we must listen to our hearts, hearing what He is saying to us. Even when no others are around, we must spend precious moments with Him. Closing our eyes quietly, we can feel our own pains inside as we let go and let Him take over. Sometimes we feel so lonely in this journey but we are never alone. Sometimes we want to give up but in turn give in to Him. Sometimes we are so weak and weary, but He is always strong! And we are never unloved because Jesus loves us with an everlasting love - yesterday, today and forever!

Life is beautiful, so we must live. For it is in the loving, we are loved. For it is in the giving, we receive. For it is in the going, we come home. Home where the house of our Father is! Home where we can share our lives with the people around. And home where we can shower one another with the love of God!

So is there a cure for email addiction? Yes, start writing a proper mail such as a letter and a postcard. Turn off the computer for a few hours or a few days. Paste a stamp. Get out of the office or home. Enjoy some fresh air. Go to the post office. Join the queue. Say hi to the one before and after you. Make new friends without any strings attached or ulterior motives. Slow down. Fellowship with some close friends over a few cups of coffee or tea. Think about His love.

Life is a journey, and not a destination. There is no better time to live than now! So let us live and enjoy every moment. Every moment is a gift from above.

Can you name

  • 3 of the richest persons in the world?

  • the last 3 Miss Universe winners?

  • the last 3 Nobel Prize winners for Peace?

  • the last 3 Oscar winners for Best Actor or Actress?

This is a rather difficult task! And don't worry if you are unable to do so. Very few people could remember the names of these winners. Applause dies away, and trophies gather dust! The earthly winners are soon forgotten.

Now can you name

  • 3 of your family members

  • 3 of your close friends

  • 3 of your beloved Bible characters

  • 3 of your favorite school teachers?

This is more manageable and easier, isn't it? The people who really mean something to us are not rated the richest, the best, the greatest or the noblest. They are the ones who care about us, take care of us, and are close to us! They are our loved ones! Our beloved!

The most important thing in life is much more than winning for ourselves. It is helping others to succeed. Our parents, our teachers, our brothers and sisters, our friends, our relatives did just that. They helped us to live from infancy to adulthood. They helped us to succeed in life. They are the important persons in our lives!

Thus, as others have helped us, we must help others. We must lend a helping hand! We must reach out and touch them. Freely we have received, freely give! This is the beauty of life! Helping others to succeed in life. To help others to win, we must slow down. In doing so, we come home! Home where our Father is! Home where all the children of God can live together in unity and love! Home where our souls can find perfect peace and rest! Home where the love of God abounds! Home where God calls us "beloved," which literally means " be loved."

Before you sign off, please enjoy some photos to revisit our beloved garden city, Singapore. Just click here.

Written on:
18 February 2006