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I Believe And Therefore I Speak

"I believe and therefore I speak."
(2 Cor 4:13; TLB)

Truly, the world is seeking hope. It is time to be a voice for the Lord, proclaiming His glory and His good news, bringing light and joy to a world in darkness and despair!

Many are not proclaiming and confessing their faith because they do not really believe in what they think they believe in their minds. The connection between the mind and the heart is yet to be established and in operation.

We are truly living in exciting times; many deadlines to observe and many demands to fulfil. Others demand of me and I demand of others. But when I let go of my demands for how I thought my world should be, I found one of the greatest gifts of all - I found myself.

Now, before I pray, I must be ready to be the very answer for the prayer I am going to pray with myself being the first downpayment for my prayers! Now, before I speak, I must be ready to be the very example for which I am speaking and proclaiming. Living epistles read by all.

The future is written in invisible ink made visible when we speak it to existence.

Today is a new day and a new beginning for the rest of our days.

It is the day that the Lord has made.