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Faith Builders

In the world, a human being is just one person BUT this one person can affect the whole world - for better or for worse.

In view of Sars, one infected person affected the earth. And in view of Sin, one man named Adam infected all mankind.

But one Man named Jesus reversed that. He touched and changed the whole earth.

A living and healthy seed will surely grow and mature into a tree. It never remains as a seed.

God never desires us to remain on ground zero. He is the Builder of our faith. From glory to glory, from strength to strength, from faith (a lower level) to faith (a higher level). Never from a seed to another seed. Never from one faith to a new different faith. Always from a seed to a tree. From a seed faith to a matured faith.

God is not One Who builds our faith and then tears it down to ground zero, and then builds it up and then tears it down to ground zero and then builds it up again.

Our knowledge and revelation of Him is progressively from a child to a man, from a glass we see dimly to seeing Him clearly face-to-face, from knowing Him in part to knowing Him in all of His fullness (1 Cor 13:11-12).

In view of SARS: In view of SIN:
Social Responsibility Spiritual Accountability
Everyone must play his part. Everyone must walk worthy of the calling of God ( Eph 4:1).
We can infect others. Our sins can affect others (example: the sin of Achan in Joshua 7; the sin of David in 2 Samuel 24:10-15).
Others can infect us. Others' sins can affect us. The iniquity of the fathers can pass on to their children to the third and fourth generations (Exodus 20:5).
Body Immune System Spiritual Defence Order
Our physical life is inborn with an immune system that learns and stores what it has learnt in its memory cells. Our spiritual life is birthed by the Spirit. The Word we read, meditate day and night and do will be stored in our hearts (Psalm 119:11). The Holy Spirit is our best Teacher. He will bring in remembrance everything the Lord has taught us (John 14:26).
Through the growing years, as we are exposed to our environment, our bodies build up immunity as they battle against the continuous onslaught of germs, viruses, bacteria and other harmful organisms. Through trials, temptations and tribulations, our faith is being strengthened as we learn how to put on the whole armor of God. Our weaknesses and strengths are also exposed. Each battle lost or won will be lessons learnt or experience gained for the next battle. No pass no promotion.
This immunity system and memory cells will have the ability first to recognize harmful antigens, and upon that recognition, produce antibodies to fight the foreign organisms. Our spirit will recognize the sin that so easily ensnares us, and how their traps work and how we fall into those traps. Like our Lord Jesus, we need to know how to use the Word of God to wage spiritual warfare.
Once the body has produced antibodies to combat a certain microbe, for example, a certain flu virus, that same virus would not be able to make us sick again. Once we have learnt the the power of His Word and the leading of the Holy Spirit as we overcome a particular giant in our life, we will be able to stand and teach others. We will be further strengthened.
The memory cells of our immune system record and track history, and they will be able to reproduce antibodies to overcome the same infection. Our spirit will bear witness with God's Spirit. He will teach us what to do and which weapon (verse) to use including standing still and see His deliverance.
This acquired immunity may last for years, and even for one’s lifetime. God's Presence and His Spirit is with us always and everywhere we go.
Infectious agents may enter our bodies through various inlets such as inhaling, swallowing or open sores or wounds. They would then make way into our blood system. The enemy of our souls may try to inflict us to sin through loopholes in our life such as distress, discouragement, despair and disorder. They will then try to cause our spirit to lose hope, trust and faith in God.
Our immune system has its own circulatory system. Using lymphatic vessels, our immunity will summon white blood cells to catch the invading antigens.
But the Spirit of God in us is not easily deceived. He will lift up a standard against our enemy (Isaiah 59:19).
Preventive Measures Faith Builders
Build up good body immunity Build up the spiritual man.
Ensure a proper diet. Read the Word daily.
Take regular exercise. Worship God always.
Have adequate rest. Rest in the Lord.
Reduce stress. Matthew 11:28-30.
Avoid Smoking and Passive Smoking.
No lying including those white ones.
Maintain good personal hygiene.
Live a holy and righteous life.
Cover nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing. Cover your sins with His blood as you seek His forgiveness.
Keep hands clean: wash them frequently and thoroughly. Use liquid soap and dry hands thoroughly. Clean hands and pure hearts. Cleanse our minds and souls always with the Word as the Spirit reveals and convicts us.
Maintain good indoor ventilation: open windows if possible.
Maintain open communication with the Lord, waiting on Him.
Avoid visiting crowded places with poor ventilation. Avoid overcrowding your life leaving no time and space for God.
Wear a mask when sick or infected. Seek a doctor. Don't pretend you are well when you are not. Seek godly counsel.