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Polished Arrows

He made my mouth like a sharpened sword,
in the shadow of His hand He hid me;
He made me into a polished arrow
and concealed me in His quiver.
Isaiah 49:2

The ancient arrows are equivalent to the missiles of today. They are powerful secret weapons made for special missions, and many times being used only once.

God's arrows are His servants whose hearts and lives have been refined, restored and recharged, awaiting His strategic instructions and moves.

An arrow undergoes many preparatory stages before becoming useful. Some of these processes may seem insignificant, and some are long and trying. But through smaller tasks God has assigned us, He is desiring to test and train us for greater tasks ahead. Unless we learn His lessons in smaller things, we will be total misfits and failures if we attempt the greater things.

Little under His guidance and leadership is more effective than trying to make a great stir without waiting for His direction.


We are saved by the blood of the Lamb. We are born again. This spiritual birth is by the Holy Spirit, and He will help us to be sharpened in our spirit to listen to His voice. Trust and obey, trusting His promises and obeying His commandments.

If the ax is dull,
And one does not sharpen the edge,
Then he must use more strength;
But wisdom brings success.
Ecclesiastes 10:10

When we experience the grace of God, we dare not bring disgrace to Him. The opposite of grace is disgrace (no law). The opposite of law is lawlessness (no grace).


All arrows must be straightened in order to travel in a focused direction for accurate bull-eye hits. The shaft has to undergo repetitive heat treatments until it is totally aligned. God is more interested in His ministers than their ministries. He is not asking for a lip service but for a living sacrifice. A life that has been tested by fire, totally surrendered to His Lordship. God is aligning us with Him so that our eyes are focused on Him, our ears are tuned to His voice, and our hearts will beat with His compassion and love.


Are there some hidden sins? Is the past really forgiven? Are there still some hurts deep within? Unless we come to terms with His conditions and commands, we will fall short of His glory. God is looking for people who are true seekers of His heart and wanting to obey Him.

Disobedience is not just doing the wrong things, it is also doing the right things the wrong way like King Saul trying to offer spiritual services in his own willful way (1 Samuel 13:9).

When we are smoothened, we will be ready to do His will. We will also be fruitful, bearing the fruit of the Holy Spirit, full of His grace and His glory!


The archer always chooses his arrows carefully before using them. He knows which arrow to pick. Many arrows are waiting to be used in the quiver. God always matches His men with the tasks. However many or great our natural gifts and talents may be, we are always hopelessly inadequate for the work He wants us to do. Yet He calls and chooses us to be His arrows. But He will never commission us and send us forth without giving us the necessary preparations.

The waiting time is necessary as we wait on God, ministering to Him as He ministers to us. Is there something we need to learn? Is there something to repent of? Is there someone to forgive?

In such times of testing and endurance and waiting, we can either becoming bitter or better Christians. Many like to jump the queue as they see others been used. Envy is one of the listed sins of the heart (Mark 7:22). God does not want us to be horses that are always running ahead of Him nor mules that are always lacking behind. He wants us to follow His perfect timing.

My times are in Your hand...
Psalm 31:15

An arrow has no will of its own. Its times are in the hands of its owner. The archer makes all the decisions. The arrow will have its day to be used. The waiting is essential.


An arrow has to be strong enough to hit and kill its target. Failing to perform its mission, it will alert the enemy and jeopardize the strategy, causing danger to its master. A good archer will know which arrow to pick for what purpose. God is in the business of equipping and perfecting His saints. He wants us to be strong and complete in Him. Unless we are strong in Him, we will always boast in our own strengths.

For when I am weak, then I am strong.
2 Corinthians 12:10

His strength is completely different from self-confidence. It is the strength of one who has no confidence in the flesh but total confidence in God. God wants to minister His grace to us so that His strength will be made perfect in our weaknesses.


An arrow does not work alone. It needs a bow and an archer. Many times it takes many arrows to accomplish a complete victory. We all need the Holy Spirit for the empowerment to send us forth for our Majesty's mission. We need to work with the rest of the Body. We are not to be alone.

For as the body is one and has many members,
but all the members of that one body,
being many, are one body, so also is Christ.
1 Corinthians 12:12

The interdependence of the members of the Body upon one another and accountability towards each other are vitally important. All ministries are essential. We need the eye to see, the mouth to eat, the ears to hear, the legs to walk, the hands to work, the heart to function, the brain to think and so on.

Every member has its function. We need to esteem others better than ourselves. God has never intended us to be self-sufficient but to serve one another in love.

Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit,
but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself.
Let each of you look out not only for his own interests,
but also for the interests of others.
Philippians 2:3-4