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Today, there is a great need for us to understand the times that we are living in. Until and unless we know and understand the eternal plans and purposes of God, we will lose our cutting edge in ministering His Good News to our current generation, which is going in all different directions.

God is calling a people who are listening to His voice. They are obedient to His instructions. And they are willing to partner with Him in fulfilling His redemptive blueprint for all the nations.

The sons of Issachar have the understanding of the times. They have the ability to seek, search and serve God's prophetic Word powerfully and influentially to the peoples.

They are accurate and precise in administering the insights and giftings that they have received from the Lord. They have the knowledge of what to do, and they also have the wisdom of how to do it. And the Lord has granted them great anointing and strength to carry out every single task that He has laid in their hearts. They have dreams and visions, and they put all of them to actualization.

I hope that this series will bring some significance and information about the sons of Issachar.

In His joy,
Joshua Ong
7 May 2004

Chapter Title
Issachar's Mother
The Birth Of Issachar
Jacob's Prophecy To Issachar
Moses' Prophecy To Issachar
The Promised Land
A Prophetic People
Mighty Men Of Valor
Understanding Of The Times
Great Givers
Seekers Of God
Servants Of God
The Chosen Ones
The Issachar Factor

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